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Operations Management

  • Review the key systems needed to run your business, like:

    • Customer Support/Administrative

    • Billing

    • Communications

    • Back-ups

    • Marketing

    • Follow-up

    • Delivery

  • Implement automated business tools & software to manage various systems

  • Create and maintain your Standard Operating & Procedures (SOP) Guide

  • Establish decision making guidelines for team members

  • Create systems to track key business statistics on a weekly and monthly basis and report back to owner


Operations Management
Project Management
  • Create project plans to include timelines, processes, team members and other resources

  • Set up and maintain online project management tool

  • Delegate project details to team members

  • Communicate project status and ongoing details to all players

  • Follow-up with team as necessary to ensure "stuff gets done" on time

  • Manage project budget

  • Handle project challenges that arise with a focus on finding quick solutions Project Speciality include:

    • Website Design and Maintenance with a focus on HOA's

    • Newsletter/Ezine Schedules

    • Marketing Strategy & Implementation

    • Production of Books & Workbooks, Online Courses, Membership Programs, Coaching Program

    • Telecast Maintenance & Support

Project management.jpg

Project Management

  • Identify team needs based on your current project and goals using a business mindset

  • Determine what specialist are the best fit for your team

  • Explore possibilities of promoting existing team members to open positions if a team already exists

  • Shortlist and review proposals and portfolios from preferred candidates

  • Make offer to selected candidate

  • Ensure signed contracts for all hires

  • Keep team motivated in their work

  • Handle team challenges as they arise

Team Management.jpg
Team Maagement

Team Management

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